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We Offer Tours and Classes for the Disabled... AND we are Wheelchair-Friendly!

Coastal Bend Kayak Guides and Instructors are CPR & First-Aid Certified  ~



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Do I need to know how to kayak beforehand?
No. Coastal Bend Kayak has a wealth of knowledge and experience on this topic - they will teach you how.  Our guided tours are for everyone and they are designed to accommodate all levels of experience and abilities. There may be circumstances when physical impairments require special services and we are 100% prepared for those folks who need additional attention and help.  Many of our customers are 1st Time kayakers but at other times, they are highly skilled - we do our very best to accommodate everyone!

Should I be in great shape to join one of the trips?
No. Our adventures are not considered to be strenuous or physically demanding, although we do offer advanced tours for the advanced and serious paddlers.  Generally though, we do not require a high level of fitness. You must be capable of a few hours of moderate exercise each day and please keep in mind that good general health will go a long way should we happen to encounter some strong winds, rain or other  unforeseen events.  Things can change quickly on the water and we keep all of our customers informed and prepared for such changes.


Are there age requirements?
Coastal Bend Kayak invites the whole family to join our adventures. It's a family sport like none-other you've every tried. We do not have any strict requirements on age but do suggest for our multiple-day tours that children be a minimum of 12yrs old. If you think you might be too old (no such thing) or want to discuss any particulars about your physical abilities or limitation, please call us.  We have trippers in their 60ís & 70's!!


How much paddling is generally done in a day?
It averages between 2-4 hours a day. Paddling time will vary depending on the tour type, half-day or full-day, fishing or leisure, birding or specialty tours.  The groupís general abilities and desires will be incorporated into the customized tour plan always so that the tour is enjoyable and safe.


How stable are the kayaks? What if I flip-over?
The kayaks used on tours are stable, but may varies according to type of kayak. The chance of a capsize is minimal. If for some reason a kayak flips, your Coastal Bend Kayak Guide Hector Rios or one of his associate guides are highly skilled and they will acquaint all paddlers with rescue procedures and recovery training.  Knowing about procedures is an important part of your initial group orientation and training.


Watch this Short Video from Texas Parks & Wildlife

and Become Familiar with Kayaking Across Texas!

Video Published with Permission for Texas Parks & Wildlife


What if the weather turns bad?
Our weather in the Coastal Bend and South Texas in generally is usually pleasant from May to the end of September, but temperatures will rise during the day and can become down-right "hot".  It is not uncommon in mid-summer for sudden thunderstorms to pop-up, so the general rule is to be prepared for any type of weather and you will stay warm and comfortable.  Quick-dry clothing materials are best suited for the water.



(Cotton material is not recommended.)

Where do we wash? Are there toilets?
For washing, you have the option of bringing hand sanitizers or wipes.. Please only bring biodegradable, environmentally-friendly products for cleansing agents. Your guide will generally designate an area or system that works for ensuring your privacy.

Is it appropriate to tip the guides?
Tipping your guide is not expected but very much appreciated. If you feel your guide has done an exceptional job, tipping is an appropriate way to show your appreciation.  Thank you!


If you have other questions about your upcoming trip, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or

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Open Sunrise to Sunset - Everyday!     1044 S. Commercial St.     Aransas Pass, Texas

Ph: 361-557-7003            Gift Certificates

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